NDIURC Education Fair


Education conference is a grand free for all event of NDIURC that brings forwarded a gratifying number of magnificent universities, foreign embassies and agencies with a view to providing eager young students the information they need to pursue their future education and career both home and abroad.

In NDIURC EDUCATION FAIR 2020 we will be having more than 30 institutions from both at home and abroad  who will be on board with us for a successful grandeur.




Why NDC is arranging education fair?
NDIURC has always been thriving for creating global citizens and letting people think outside the box. Every year a lot of students are passing out their high schools but can’t find a dream place to study due to different obstacles. NDIURC believes education and dream shouldn’t have any bindings for coming true. Keeping this in mind NDIURC EDUCATION FAIR 2020 is there to help you for a better future and Quest for Excellence.

What are the benefits of joining the education fair?
Joining NDIURC EDUCATION FAIR 2020 a person can easily meet his thirst for knowledge about higher education directly from University representatives.

Who are the participants?
Already 30+ international universities have confirmed joining the fair who will let us furnish our dreams.

When will be the fair held?
The main phase of the fair will start from the 17th of January and closing on the 18th of January.

Is there any national university?
No, all the universities attending are from abroad and we will also have BRITISH COUNCIL, IDP, AMERICAN CENTER with us.

Will the universities provide a scholarship?
Yes, universities are going to provide scholarships to potential students.

Is there any university providing a 100% scholarship?
There are certain agencies and universities who are on board with us to provide a 100% scholarship.

What should I bring with me?
Bringing academic transcripts, certificates, and other documents will help for better engagement.

Is there any entry fee?
No, it is open for all program.

Will I get a Visa?
The VISA issue solely depends on the rate of acceptance from the embassy where university recommendation is a very important issue

Is there any top 100 university?
Yes, we will have respected representatives who will show us a path towards joining the best university in the world.

All information can be easily accessible from the fair where the original test-takers will be present.

For more information don’t forget to mail at ndcedufair@gmail.com.

Visit us: www.ndiurc.com